Golden Hills Trail Marathon

Aid Stations

Aid Stations with pace chart

Aid Station Distance (miles) Next Aid (miles)
Start - Tilden Park Lone Oak Picnic Area START 4.3
Steam Trains 4.3 3.3
Sibley Park 7.6 3.4
Skyline Gate 11.0 6.7
Big Bear Staging Area 17.7 1.7
Bort Meadows 20.3 1.4
Clyde Woolridge Staging Area 21.7 4.5
Finish - Lake Chabot Cove Picnic Area 26.2 FINISH

** - Water, GU Roctane Engery Drink and light snacks ONLY.

Aid stations will have water, GU Roctane Engery Drink, CLIF SHOT, Coke, Sprite, ice, fruit, homemade baked cookies, hard candy, potatoes, P.B. & J sandwiches, pretzels, Succeed Caps, crackers, potato chips, salt, wonderful volunteers, etc.  It is recommended that runners carry at minimum one water bottle during the race


  • Pack it in and pack it out!  Littering along the course will result in immediate disqualification.  Please dispose of ALL cups paper, wrappers, etc. at the aid stations.  It is a privilege to be able to traverse the East Bay Regional Park system. 


  • Medical personnel will be available at Lone Oak and at the main finish. 
  • If you have special medical conditions (asthma, allergic to bee stings, etc.) please take appropriate precautions.  Parts of the course are relatively inaccessible. 
  • Race Management (NorCalUltras) and the East Bay Regional Park District are not liable for any injuries.